Copenhagen Airport most efficient in Europe

For the tenth time in 12 years, Copenhagen Airport has been rated as the most efficient airport in Europe by the latest Air Transport Research Society award.

Copenhagen Airport most efficient in Europe
Copenhagen Airport is the most efficient in Europe. Photo: Thomas Rousing/Flickr
Copenhagen Airport has once again been declared the most efficient airport in Europe. The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), which evaluates efficiency at airports worldwide, earlier this week selected the airport as the best in Europe. It is the tenth time in the past 12 years that the airport has won that designation. 
“Although this is the tenth time in 12 years that Copenhagen Airport wins the award for being Europe's most efficient airport, we do not take it for granted. We are constantly working on increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency through automation and self-service solutions, which also means that we are reducing costs for our partners: the airlines, handlers, concessionaires and all other operators at Copenhagen Airport,” the airport's CEO, Thomas Woldbye, said in a press release. 
Woldbye pointed to changes at the airport's Terminal 2, which included the installation of ceiling sensors that register whether passenger lines are moving as they are supposed to, as part of its ongoing efforts to keep things running smoothly for passengers. 
“Through dynamic queue management, self-service bag drops and optimised utilisation of the check-in facilities, we have increased the capacity of the terminal by a considerable margin,” Woldbye said.
Throughout the airport, the increased use of self-service options has helped to increase efficiency to the benefit of travellers. Copenhagen Airport was a first mover when self-service kiosks were introduced about a decade ago, and now well over 50 percent of passengers use them to check in. 
The airport said that self-service bag drops have dropped the time that passengers spend at the counters to as little as 15 seconds and have increased efficiency by 30 percent overall. 
Earlier this year, the head of security at Copenhagen Airport called for streamlining the passenger experience even further by cutting down on the number of security procedures passengers must undergo before boarding a plane. The call was echoed by officials at both Billund Airport and Aalborg Airport. 

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