Danish censor booted for being too drunk

A lunch break may have been a little too festive for a man who was examining students at Aalborg University.

Danish censor booted for being too drunk
A lunch gone awry? Photo: Colourbox
An exam at Aalborg University needed to be stopped on Friday because the male censor sitting in on a female student’s oral exam on tourism was too drunk, the university’s dean said on Monday. 
“I can confirm that the episode involved alcohol. It is of course completely unacceptable,” Henrik Halkier told TV2 Nord. 
According to Halkier, the examiner in question sat through morning exams without incident but when he returned from lunch he was too drunk to fulfil his duties. Halkier made it clear that the university did not serve alcohol at lunch. 
“I have never experienced anything like this in my 25 years at the university,” Halkier said. 
According to TV2 Nord, the student was given a new exam – with a new and sober examiner – on Monday and passed. 

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