Copenhagen best Nordic family destination

Nordic families love Copenhagen according to a survey released on Friday, but British lifestyle magazine Monocle seems to have ended its love affair with the "expensive" Danish capital.

Copenhagen best Nordic family destination
Families take a dip in one of Copenhagen's many harbour swimming baths. Photo: Christian Alsing/Copenhagen Media Center

The praise for Copenhagen just keeps coming – this time from Denmark’s Nordic neighbours (and the Danes themselves, of course). on Friday released the results of a survey in which some 4,000 Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns (with roughly even numbers from each country) were asked which of the four countries’ capitols they found to be the most family-friendly.

Copenhagen came in first among both Danes and Norwegians and was the second choice of both Swedes and Finns, with each picking their own respective capitol as number one.

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The Norwegians differed from the other countries in that they hold their own capitol in far less regard; only eight percent voted for Oslo, while a surprising 44 percent picked Copenhagen.

Wonderful Copenhagen spokesman Emil Spangenberg noted that Copenhagen differs from other cities in that its centre is designed for multiple purposes.

“We bike, run, swim in the harbour, use our parks, plazas and playgrounds, and generally plan the city so there is a good balance between its inhabitants, those who work here, and tourists who come to visit. That’s what gets us noticed abroad,” he said in a press release.

It is not all good news for Copenhagen however. In the newly-released Quality of Life study from Monocle Magazine, the Danish capital plummeted from first place in the last two rankings to a shared tenth with Zurich.

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“While the Danish capital remains a paragon in terms of public transport, culture, restaurants and business, 2015 has not started well. First there were the 14th of February shootings outside a freedom of speech event and the city’s synagogue, then came a decline in contentment ratings. The UN’s latest world happiness report has Denmark third, not first. Why the slump? Copenhagen is expensive in every regard,” a Monocle video says about the city’s fall from number one to ten.  

Tokyo topped the new Monocle ranking, while Helsinki took eighth and Stockholm claimed sixth. 

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