Four Danes at secretive Bilderberg meeting

A handful of powerful Danes will be rubbing shoulders with other global movers and shakers at the annual gathering of the closed-off Bilderberg group.

Four Danes at secretive Bilderberg meeting
The meeting will be held at the Interalpen-Hotel in the Austrian Alps. Photo:
While some influential Danes will spend the next four days discussing politics on the island of Bornholm, four others will join the highly secretive annual Bilderberg conference in Austria. 
Four Danes will join bankers, royalty, finance ministers, prime ministers, past and current US Congress and parliament members, media moguls, technology gurus, CEOs and think-tankers in Austria’s Tyrol region for the secretive Bilderberg conference running Thursday through Sunday. 
The Danish attendees are the head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste) Thomas Ahrenkiel, TV2 CEO Merete Eldrup, Foreign Ministry official Christina Markus Lassen and Haldor Topsøe executive vice president Ulrik Federspiel. 
Ahrenkiel was recently revealed to be one of four Danish nationals on a list of 89 people who are barred entry into Russia
The four Danes are among the 140 guests from 22 countries who will gather in the Austrian Alps.
Other attendees include Nato head Jens Stoltenberg, Austrian President Heinz Fischer, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Ryanair chairman Michael O'Leary and Google chairman Eric Schmidt. Read the full list of guests here
An elite anti-terrorism squad under the command of Austria’s Interior Ministry will be part of Bilderberg’s notoriously tight security. The conference usually attracts protesters and journalists, and a large protest march is expected on the afternoon of June 13th.
Some 2,100 police officers will be on duty throughout the conference, leading some Austrian politicians to criticize the enormous security measures, which will be footed by taxpayers.
The same complaints were aired last year when the Bliderberg group held its meeting in Copenhagen
According to the Bilderberg website, topics on this year’s agenda include artificial intelligence, cyber security, the threat of chemical weapons, European strategy, globalization, Greece, Iran, the Middle East, Russia and the threat of terrorism.
The conference bills itself as a forum for informal discussions on issues of global relevance. During the meeting the so-called ‘Chatham House Rule’ applies, which gives participants the right to use any of the information exchanged during the conference. However, neither the identity nor any other information about particular speakers or participants may be disclosed.
“Thanks to the private nature of the conference, the participants are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions. As such, they can take time to listen, reflect and gather insights,” the Bilderberg website states. 

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