‘World’s most relaxing film’ made in Denmark

A Danish tourism organization claims to have made the 'world's most relaxing film' using nature images from the western coast of Zealand. See it here and judge for yourself.

‘World’s most relaxing film’ made in Denmark
Screen shot: Visit Vestsjælland
In today’s busy TL;DW world (that’s ‘too long; didn’t watch’ for uninitiated) seven minutes can seem like a very long time. 
But according to tourist organization Visit Vestsjælland, seven minutes is the perfect amount of time to let go of your day-to-day stress and become completely relaxed. 
The group has launched ‘The World’s Most Relaxing Film’, a short video filmed in the beautiful nature along the west coast of Zealand. 
Does it work? Well, Visit Vestsjælland said that they showed the film to a cinema full of “busy city folk” strapped with pulse monitors and found that pulse rates decreased by more than ten percent during the seven-minute film. 
“Pleasant music, wonderful pictures – it gave me a sense of inner peace,” one member of the test audience said. 
Without further ado, here are your seven minutes of Zen:

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