Americans get tongue tied speaking Danish

What happens when Buzzfeed asks a bunch of Americans to say things in Danish? About what you'd expect.

Americans get tongue tied speaking Danish
How a foreigner speaks Danish. Photo: Colourbox
Here at The Local, we certainly have our struggles with the Danish language. 
On the one hand, we think Danish includes some words that are so darn good the whole world should use them. On the other, we are still sometimes confused by its false friends
But we have to admit that we certainly do better with this tongue-twisting language than the fine folks over at Buzzfeed. 
Their popular video series featuring Americans attempting to pronounce things in other languages has turned its attention to Danish: 

The participants are pretty confused by the letters æ, ø and å as they gamely try to pronounce words like hakkebøf and fæderland
To the surprise of absolutely no foreigners living in Danish, they also took on ‘rødgrød med fløde’, the name of a red berry pudding that is used by the natives to test (ok, tease) newcomers. 
For more fun with the Danish language, be sure to check out the following: 

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