Expat changes diapers and minds in Aarhus

This past weekend, parents around Aarhus came together to draw attention to a normally mundane activity: changing diapers.

Expat changes diapers and minds in Aarhus
Aarhus mums check out cloth diapers. Photo: Greg McQueen
The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) is a global initiative to raise awareness of the benefits of cloth diapers. The idea is to change as many babies as possible into reusable diapers around the world in one day. This year marked the fifth year of the international GCDC event, and Denmark’s first year participating. 
In Aarhus, ten babies were changed and several more families came to learn about the benefits. One couple even decided to take the plunge into cloth diapering for their baby due this summer. The total numbers are still being tallied for this year, but last year more than 9,700 babies were changed worldwide. 
Chantelle Løvborg, an American expat who organized the event, said it is all about changing perceptions. 
“Gone are the days of grandma's big sheets origami folded and attached with sharp pins, then covered with sweaty plastic pants. Modern reusable diapers are very similar in shape and style to disposable diapers, the only difference is that they go in the wash instead of the trash,” she said. 
“Every parent should be aware that they have a choice, and that cloth diapers are not as much work and mess as many fear,” she added. 
Løvborg is a scientist and the owner of, a new webshop that promotes modern and environmentally friendly products for babies.
She said there are many reasons to choose reusable diapers over disposables.
“Each child produces more than 1,000 kilos of disposable diaper waste before they are potty trained. The plastics and chemicals are in near-constant contact with children’s delicate skin for years. Cloth diapers are much simpler and easier to care for than in the past. They are breathable, comfortable, and grow with the child,” Løvborg said. 
According to Løvborg, a set of around 25 cloth diapers will last throughout a child’s potty training. When all costs are calculated, including the detergent, energy and water needed to wash and dry two to three extra loads of laundry per week, they are still between 30-50 percent cheaper than disposables, especially if used on multiple children. 
Those interested in learning more about modern cloth diapers can contact [email protected].

This kid seems to like his cloth diaper. Photo: Greg McQueen
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