Dane’s lunch costs millions due to bank error

We knew Denmark was expensive, but this is getting ridiculous. For the second time in recent days, a payment error has led to a massive bill for an unsuspecting customer.

Dane’s lunch costs millions due to bank error
A rice meal and a piece of cake cost way more than bargained for. Photo: Colourbox
A rice dish and a small piece of cake should have cost Kasper Harboe 32 kroner. 
Instead, a technical error on behalf of payment service Nets caused the transaction to go through a full 125,000 times, causing his humble lunch to cost 4 million kroner ($575,000). 
“The bank called and said that there was mistake. You could say that a hundred thousand times,” Harbroe told Metroxpress. 
Harboe is a radio host for broadcaster DR and took the bank error in good humour. 
“I hope that it can be converted into a system in which I have prepaid lunch in the DR canteen for the next 350 years. I hate making my own lunch,” he told Metroxpress. 
Both Nets and Harboe’s bank assured him that he would not be held liable for the error. 
The pricey lunch brings to mind a story The Local reported on Tuesday in which a 78-year-old man was charged 840,000 kroner for three hot dogs and a chocolate milk

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Danes and Norwegian make world’s worst car sale attempt

A Danish couple drove to Bjerkvik in northern Norway this week to buy a used truck. It didn’t go as planned.

Danes and Norwegian make world’s worst car sale attempt
Not the truck in question. Photo: Waferboard/Flickr
According to a report in Avisa Nordlys, the Danes drove to Norway to buy an old truck from a seller in Bjerkvik. 
After spending the evening in a Bjerkvik hotel, the Danish duo headed toward the seller’s address on Wednesday morning when they encountered a car that was blocking the road. The driver of the other vehicle tried to get the Danes to stop but they instead turned tail and headed back toward the hotel. 
“They felt like a car had come and blocked the road so that they would have to stop,” police spokeswoman Anne Karlsen told Avisa Nordlys
When the Danes turned around, the driver of the other vehicle followed, leading them to seek shelter back in the hotel and call the police for help. 
When police arrived, they quickly discovered that the person who had blocked the road and so frightened the Danes was none other than the seller of the truck himself, who thought he would meet his buyers along the way so that he could lead them to his house. 
Rather than laughing off the confusion, the Danes instead got in a huff. 
“When we tried to explain to the couple what had happened, they wouldn’t hear it. They wanted a police escort to the border but we explained that there was no reason they should get that,” Karlsen said. 
“They were quite frightened by us ‘mountain monkeys’,” she added. 
The Danes returned home without the truck that they had driven so far to buy, while the Norwegian seller paid dearly for his attempt at friendliness by missing out on the sale.