15 more found guilty as Christiania trials roll on

After Thursday's verdict, over 60 individuals have been sentenced to more than 160 years in prison for selling cannabis in Pusher Street.

15 more found guilty as Christiania trials roll on
Photo: Peter Mulvany, News ├śresund/Flickr
In the fifth of six trials connected to last year’s massive police raid in Christiania, an additional 15 individuals were found guilty of selling cannabis by Copenhagen City Court on Thursday. 
The 15 were given prison sentences that ranged from 3.5 years to 15 months. Four of the convicted individuals filed immediate appeals against the decision, while the other eleven requested time to consider an appeal. 
Thursday marked the fourth consecutive day in which guilty verdicts were handed down in the Christiania case. On Wednesday, 12 men were sentenced to a combined 21.5 years while on Monday and Tuesday a respective 16 and 13 people were given a combined 79 years behind bars. In January, seven other men were found guilty and sentenced to a total of 32.5 years in prison.
A verdict in the sixth and final case is expected later on Friday. 
All six trials are a result of a March 2014 police raid in Christiania, a former hippie commune in the heart of Copenhagen that is now the centre of a billion-kroner cannabis industry. 
The bust has been characterized as the largest of its kind in Danish history. 

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