Two hurt in Copenhagen mall shooting

UPDATED: Two people were injured and nine were detained after a shooting at suburban shopping centre Fields.

Two hurt in Copenhagen mall shooting
The shooting took place in the shopping centre's parking lot. Photo: Uffe Weng/Scanpix
Two people were injured in a shooting in the parking lot of the Copenhagen area shopping centre Fields shortly before noon on Wednesday, police said. 
According to a Copenhagen Police press release, the shooting appears to have been a gang-related confrontation between two rival groups. 
A police spokesman told media that nine people have been detained in connection with the shooting. 
"There are nine that have been arrested but there could be witnesses among them. We're in the process of investigating that now," Michael Andersen told news agency Ritzau.
There were initial reports that three people were injured, two by gunshot and one by stabbing, but police now say that the third person was shot in a bullet-proof vest. 
“One was hit in the back, one in the stomach and one in the arm,” a police statement from 1pm read. 
Police did not release any additional information on the victims' conditions and did not elaborate on the motive behind the attack, which they say took place in the shopping centre’s parking lot. 
Located in the Amager district, Fields is the biggest shopping centre in Denmark. 

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Danish 7-Eleven stores back on grid after ransomware attack

Almost all of 7-Eleven’s 176 Denmark locations are back up and running with the help of a backup system, the company said on Thursday. 

Danish 7-Eleven stores back on grid after ransomware attack

In an email to news wire Ritzau, 7-eleven said that over 96 percent of its convenience stores across Denmark were now in “stable operation”. That corresponds to around 169 stores.

“We have technicians at the remaining stores who are working hard to get them up and running as soon as possible,” the company said in the email.

However, convenience stores at train stations (where you can buy a transport card) were only accepting Dankort (debit card) payments as of Wednesday evening.

All operational stores outside of train stations currently accept Mobile Pay (app) and cash payments, and many can take Visa, Mastercard, and Dankort. 

“We expect that all stores outside of train stations can accept all Visa, Mastercard, and Dankort during the course of tomorrow morning, and all stores at train stations [will be able to] during the course of the week,” the company wrote late on Wednesday.

The convenience store chain was on Monday hit by a cyber attack that forced all of its 176 stores in Denmark to close.

7-Eleven has confirmed that the outage was due to a ransomware attack — hackers demanded money to return access to the company’s data and systems. 

The attack has been reported to police.

The company’s CEO, Jesper Østergaard, told Ritzau he did not know the extent of losses suffered by 7-Eleven as a result of the incident.