‘Beaten’ missing Malmö boy found in Denmark

'Beaten' missing Malmö boy found in Denmark
A screenshot from Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan
A nine-year-old boy who went missing after a controversial altercation with guards at Malmö train station on Monday has been found safe in Jutland.
Southern Swedish police revealed on Friday morning that Danish police have found a boy who has been at the centre of a week-long controversy in Sweden.
The boy was involved in an incident at Malmö train station on Monday in which video appears to show a security guard pushing the nine-year-old onto the ground, sitting on him and holding his hands over his mouth. The boy could be heard reciting the Islamic prayer the Shahada ('There is only one God, and Muhammad is his Prophet').
A second guard is shown in the same video clip, restraining an older boy on a bench at the station.

A video of the incident (from Sydsvenskan)

The boy then went missing, setting off a massive police search across southern Sweden. 

On Friday afternoon, Malmö police spokesman Mats Karlsson told Swedish media that the nine-year-old had been found and was being looked after by social services in Denmark.
"We are working with the Danish police right now," he told The Local’s team in Sweden.
As of Friday afternoon, a 12-year-old boy who was believed to have travelled with the 9-year-old had not yet been discovered, although police said they believed he was in the same area.

The news came as police were continuing to investigate the security guards’ behaviour in the incident. 

Karlsson told The Local on Monday that the nationality of the boys remained "unclear" to police, but said it was understood that they had been living at a home for child refugees who had travelled to Sweden unaccompanied.
He said police were working with social services to find out more about them.
There has been speculation in the Swedish media that the pair have relatives in Sweden and may have been at the station searching for their parents or other family members.
"We are trying to find out and gather as much information as possible…but as this is an investigation involving children we cannot reveal that much about our investigation," said Karlsson.