Snow to leave Denmark – for now at least

Warmer weekend temperatures are likely to melt away the nation's white coat of snow and return Denmark to its typically drab February conditions.

Snow to leave Denmark – for now at least
If there's still snow in your part of Denmark, better get out and enjoy it now. Photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix
Most of Denmark still lay blanketed with snow on Friday morning, but residents are advised to get out and enjoy it now. 
According to meteorology institute DMI, rising temperatures over the weekend will turn a white Denmark back into a drab grey. 
Although Friday morning temperatures were well under the freezing point, DMI said that the day would see temps rise to 5C followed by up to 7C on Saturday, melting the snow and giving residents get a brief respite from the cold before subzero temperatures return once again. 
“A high pressure system over Denmark will move south and with that, milder air will blow in over us from the west. On Saturday, a cold front will pass from the northwest and dry and rather cold air will transition over Denmark from the northwest and north. Next week, a high pressure system over Ireland will spread out over central Europe and mild air will stream into the country from the northwest and west,” DMI’s overview read on Friday. 
DMI’s six-day forecast shows no trace of snow and calls for daytime temperatures to top out at around 7C with overnight temps dropping below freezing on most days. The meteorologists warned that the conditions could result in sporadically icy and slippery roads. 

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