Censored video portrays Danish queen as Nazi

A fake movie trailer showing Queen Margrethe standing under Nazi flags and leading foreign invasions has been censored despite its creators saying it is merely "an absurd fiction created solely for the sake of entertainment." See it here.
A fake movie trailer that portrays Queen Margrethe as a Nazi and a blood-thirsty invader has been censored by the Danish television channel TV2 Zulu. 
The heavily, and obviously, edited video was produced for the satire programme Nørgaards Netflix, hosted by comedian Martin Nørgaard. 
The clip shows Queen Margrethe and Prince Consort Henrik surrounded by swastikas in one scene and attacking foreign countries in others. 
“In a not too distant future, a nation of losers rises up. Led by one woman. This summer, Queen Margrethe takes what is rightfully hers,” the fake trailer for Gud Bevare Danmark (God Save Denmark) says. The fake movie's subtitle is: "Margrethe the Second gives zero fucks."
The clip manipulates the queen’s real words so that it appears she is preparing to take over the world.
“Denmark is not big. That’s a lie. Now I will show them. No one should feel safe,” the queen’s manipulated words say before she is shown leading a contingent of Star Wars AT-AT walkers through Greenland and dropping bombs from a Danish F-16.
Although the clip is obviously satirical, it proved too much for the folks at TV2 Zulu. According to Nørgaard, the station has said that it will not air the clip unless much of the objectionable material is censored out. 
“If you have seen the entire video, there can be no doubt that this is a silly internet video that has no message whatsoever. The clip was put together to create a bit of buzz around our season premiere. And it must be said that it succeeded, although in a slightly different way than expected,” the comedian told Politiken. 
Nørgaard said he was surprised by TV2 Zulu’s decision. 
“Particularly in relation to the public debate over recent weeks. And especially because there isn’t anything offensive about it unless you want to be offended. If people interpret it as us calling the queen a Nazi, we can't control that. But it should be clear to everyone that this is an absurd fiction created solely for the sake of entertainment,” he said. 
TV2 spokesman Sune Roland denied that the clip had been censored but said “we shouldn’t make noise just to make noise”. 
“There should be a balance in everything we air and it should be as funny and well-functioning as possible. I don’t think this is a case of censorship. It is a question of taste,” he told Politiken. 
See the video and judge for yourself:

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