Man jailed for selling deadly fireworks

A northern Jutland man will be held in remand for four weeks on charges that he sold a powerful and illegal type of firework that cost three men their lives on New Year's Eve.

Man jailed for selling deadly fireworks
Flags were at half-mast in the Assens neighbourhood where a 37-year-old family man was killed by a firework explosion. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Scanpix
A 29-year-old man from Hobro was arrested and jailed on Friday for selling the illegal fireworks that caused three deaths on New Year’s Eve
The man told an Aalborg court that he was good friends with one of the victims who died. He admitted selling fireworks but said he only sold legal ones and not the so-called chrysanthemum bombs that led to two tragic accidents in northern Jutland. 
In the first instance, a  37-year-old father from the town of Assens was killed on the spot when the powerful firework malfunctioned and exploded in his face. In the second, two men in their 20s were killed and two more were injured when a chrysanthemum bomb placed in a metal pipe exploded in Skjellerup. 
According to broadcaster DR’s report from inside the courtroom, the man was very emotional during the hearing. He admitted to both selling fireworks and having used the illegal chrysanthemum bombs himself, but denied that he sold the banned fireworks to others. 
Two witnesses however testified independently that they had purchased chrysanthemum bombs from the suspect. 
The 29-year-old will be held on remand for four weeks as an investigation continues. 

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