At least four Danes die in New Year’s celebrations

Two firework malfunctions and two car accidents resulted in a total of four deaths on New Year's Eve, all of them in northern Jutland.

At least four Danes die in New Year's celebrations
2015 got off to a very tragic start in several locations in Denmark. Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Scanpix
New Year’s Eve celebrations turned tragic in northern Jutland as two fireworks accidents claimed the lives of three men, while traffic accidents killed one more and left others injured. 
A 37-year-old father from the town of Assens was killed on the spot when a powerful firework rocket malfunctioned and exploded in his face. 
North Jutland Police received a distress call just minutes before midnight. 
“We drove to the location where our patrol officers could unfortunately verify that a 37-year-old man had passed away after extensive injuries in connection with the lighting of a chrysanthemum bomb [the name given to a particularly powerful firework normally used by professionals, ed.],” police said in a press release.
According to police, the man was alone in his yard when the accident happened. The man’s family and other guests were indoors at the time and no one else was injured. 
Police received another call just ten minutes after midnight, this time from a location in Skjellerup reporting that several people had been injured by another chrysanthemum bomb.
In this case, police say that the firework was lit in a metal pipe causing an explosion that killed two men and injured two others. The two men who died were Hobro residents aged 24 and 25. The two injured men are aged 24 and 28 and were flown to Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet, where they are in serious condition. 
New Year’s Eve also included at least two tragic traffic accidents. In the first, a pedestrian in Klarup was struck and killed by a vehicle just after 5.30am on New Year’s Day. The victim was a 37-year-old man of Greenlandic background and as of the police’s 8.30am press release, they were still working to determine if the accident was a result of drunken driving. 
Drinking is suspected in another traffic accident, this one near Oppelstrup. The driver of a vehicle that lost control was arrested by police for drunk driving. According to police, the driver was thrown some 20 metres from his vehicle after losing control and driving into a field. There were a total of six people in the car and police say they were lucky to have survived the crash. 

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