Danish police nab man missing for 30 years

Danish police nab man missing for 30 years
Police said the man "was causing a bit of trouble" in downtown Fredericia. Photo: Colourbox
Police in the eastern Jutland town of Fredericia got more than they bargained for when they approached a homeless man causing a scene in the streets.
According to a report in the local newspaper Fredericia Lokalavisen, a 68-year-old homeless man yelling at passersby turned out to be an individual who has been wanted by the police for nearly 30 years. 
“We found him in the city centre where he was causing a bit of trouble – he was yelling and so on. It turned out that the man was wanted in connection with some old court hearings and other things. He has actually been missing since January 3rd, 1985,” a local police spokesperson told the newspaper.
“He managed to remain well hidden,” the police spokesperson added. 
Once confronted by the police, the man refused to give his name or an address where he could be reached, which resulted in a fine. 
The man was ordered to show up for a court date in eight weeks, though given his track record the local police seemed resigned to the fact that he might be a no-show. 
“If he doesn’t show up to the hearing, he’ll get a default sentence,” the spokesperson said.

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