Danish surgeon’s boob ads cause Swedish fuss

Danish surgeon's boob ads cause Swedish fuss
If the Swedish politician is upset by this ad, his head might explode if he sees a Copenhagen bus. Photo: Rasmus Ling
A Swedish politician is upset about a "degrading" Malmö breast enlargement advert from a Danish clinic that has been running fully naked ads on Danish city buses for seven years.
In the Copenhagen area, nearly everyone knows about the Nygart plastic surgery clinic. Sure, they might not know the name. But they know the work. 
Nygart has been running ads on public buses in Copenhagen since 2007 that feature a pair of surgically-enhanced breasts without a thread of clothing to obscure the surgeon’s fine work. Although the ads have led to spirited public debate in the past, they have remained a mainstay and now hardly raise an eyebrow with the natives. 
But across the Øresund, as so often seems to be the case, things are viewed a bit differently. 
An advertisement for Nygart’s newly-opened clinic in Malmö has at least one Swedish politician up in arms, even though the ad’s fully-clothed model is far tamer than the clinic’s Danish bus ads (to say nothing of the video stunt the clinic pulled that featured a naked woman strutting through Copenhagen – see it here).
While the Malmö ad, which features a scantily clad woman advertising the clinic’s special introductory offer on breast implants, has mostly just turned heads among the Swedes, Malmö politician Rasmus Ling of the Green party has slammed it as being “degrading” to women, telling The Local that he was appalled by the flesh friendly advert.
"It's degrading. The advert sends out a message to all women who pass that they should change their bodies with a risky operation. It's not a procedure for medical purposes, just to please a cosmetic motive," said Ling. 
The tax policy spokesperson for the Greens was particularly annoyed that the adverts were on display in the main train station as it is run by the state owned Jernhusen organization.
"Travellers shouldn't have to see such adverts. What this advert is saying to women is 'if you don't look like me, then you should change yourself to look more like me.' If people want to find information about cosmetic surgery there are plenty of other places to do so." 
Jernhusen, which also runs train stations in Stockholm and Gothenburg, have stated that the adverts comply with Swedish regulations and that they had no intention to censor it.
"Plastic surgery isn't an illegal enterprise and should reasonably have the same right to market its services as any other company would," Ann Hermansson, marketing manager of Jernhusen told the local Sydsvenskan newspaper.
Nygart clinic’s owner, Jesper Nugart, said the Swedish politician’s reaction to the advert was over the top. 
"In Denmark the breast is completely naked. The next step is to advertise like that in Sweden too," Jesper Nygart told Sydsvenskan.
In addition to the clinics in Copenhagen and Malmö, the Nygart group also has locations in Lyngby, Aarhus and Odense. 

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