‘Bridge walking’ comes to Denmark

Afraid of heights? Then you probably don’t want to read this story about a new attraction coming to Denmark.

'Bridge walking' comes to Denmark
The project had its ceremonial groundbreaking on Thursday. Photo: Visit Middelfart
Hoping to replicate the success of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, the municipalities of Fredericia Council and Middelfart are teaming up to offer adventurous souls a unique experience much closer to home. 
Beginning in May, the Old Little Belt Bridge (Gamle Lillebæltsbro) connecting Jutland and Funen will be open for ‘bridge walking’, allowing visitors to climb the bridge and take in the view some 60 metres above the surface of the water. 
“Experience the height. The butterflies in the stomach. The spectacular and unobstructed views. Enjoy the water. The view toward the short. The wind. The weather. The tremor of the bridge when a train rumbles across,” Visit Middelfart writes about the new attraction. 
The conversion of the bridge into a tourist attraction officially got underway on Thursday, and the first bridge walking tours will begin in May. 
The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia, and officials hope that Lillebæltsbroen can replicate the success in Denmark. 
The mayor of Fredericia, Jacob Bjerregaard, said that the bridge walking project’s cost of 10 million kroner should quickly be made up. 
“We have budgeted for 21,000 visitors per year and we actually think that is a conservative estimate,” he told Jyllands-Posten. 
Bridge Walking. Photo: Visit Middlefart
The bridge walking tour will take about two hours to complete. Photo: Visit Middelfart
The one-kilometre bridge walking tour will take about two hours and allow visitors to stand at the top of the old bridge, which was constructed in 1935 and still services cars and trains, and look across at the New Little Belt Bridge, which since its construction in 1970 has been the main connection between Jutland and Funen. 
Bjerregaard said visitors shouldn’t fear standing above rumbling trains and speeding cars. 
“The security will be topnotch. It’s essential that it is in line with other attractions that also provide a shot of adrenaline to the body while being 120 percent safe,” he told Jyllands-Posten. 
For those who find the climb a bit too much, there will be a “panic platform” where they can step aside and take a breather before deciding if they dare to go on. 
Bridge walking tours will cost 275 kroner for adults and 220 kroner for children under 16, with discounts available for purchasing online in advance. Online ticket sales are expected to start in January.  

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