Alleged sex abuser: God made me do it

In the trial of a Funen man accused of abusing two young girls, prosecutors read passages from the suspect's diary in which he wrote that "God told [him] to do these things" and that he planned to make a "Fritzl-basement" in emulation of the notorious Austrian rapist.

Alleged sex abuser: God made me do it
The garage where the alleged abuser wanted to hold young girls captive. Photo: Sonny Munk Carlsen/Scanpix
A 41-year-old man from the island of Funen was in court on Monday to face charges of sexually abusing two girls, aged 10 and 11. 
According to court reports, the man explained his actions in part by saying that he received direct messages from God imploring him to abuse the girls. 
“I thought that everything was directed at me. If I heard songs on the radio or saw a movie on TV, I thought they were messages to me. God told me that I should do these things,” the man said in court, according to Ritzau. 
The court proceedings also revealed that the defendant kept a long and detailed diary that included plans for additional abuses in a rented garage. 
“Hehe, I need to get a garage with a door in a not-too-crowded place. That will be ideal for both large and small. Get the girls in, close the door, have fun,” the man wrote. 
The man also detailed his desire to find “a little girl that isn’t dangerous so I know how it will go” and to emulate Austrian incestuous rapist Josef Fritzl, who held his daughter imprisoned in a cellar for 24 years and abused her repeatedly.
“Shit, I was out this morning and had the courage but not a real chance… It will apparently become harder to get ahold of one, so next time I won’t let her go. I’ll make a Fritzl-basement she will live in,” the man’s diary reads, according to BT. 
During the proceedings, it also emerged that the man had hoped that being with a young girl would cure him of his impotency. 

The 41-year-old is accused of abusing two Funen school girls in the autumn of 2012. Both girls reported that they were picked up by a man in a red car, leading him to be described in the press as ‘the man in the red car’. Funen residents lived in fear of additional abuses until the man was arrested by chance in July 2013 after police investigating a fire found various drugs and a backpack that contained a choker and cable ties. A subsequent DNA swab taken from the man matched traces connected to the assaults.