Ex-homeless man strikes it rich in Danish lottery

Once having no roof over his head, a 37-year-old man can now afford to buy a house and much more after winning 3.6 million kroner.

Ex-homeless man strikes it rich in Danish lottery
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Rags to riches tales don’t only happen in the movies. They can also happen in Danish supermarkets. 
A 37-year-old man from the Zealand town of Korsør has gone from being homeless to being a millionaire after striking it rich on a lottery scratch card purchased at Føtex. He will receive 60,000 kroner (about $10,000) a month for the next 60 months – 3.6 million kroner ($605,000) in total. 
The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Sjællandske Medier that he was previously homeless for about six-months and had a hard time believing his good fortune.
“It is really weird and I can’t really believe it. But I went to the bank and they confirmed it. It is very strange, but it is a lovely experience,” he said. 
The man said he is already planning what to do with his money.
“I have tonnes of plans. First and foremost, I think I’ll go back home to Greenland for Christmas and New Year’s,” he said. 
It won’t all be spent on travel however. He said he also planned to use the money “sensibly” and is considering buying a house. 

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