Danish F-16s confronted Russian military jet

Danish F-16s confronted Russian military jet
Both Danish and Swedish jets responded to the Russian military plane. Photo: Christian Als/Scanpix
Two Danish F-16s were sent to investigate a Russian military jet that was approaching Denmark on Tuesday, the Royal Danish Air Force has confirmed.
A spokeswoman for the Air Force’s Tactical Air Command (Flyvertaktisk Kommando) told the Ritzau news agency that two Danish jets were sent to make a “visual inspection” of a Russian aircraft seen heading toward Denmark east of the island of Bornholm. The Danish F-16s made visual contact with the Russian jet and ensured that it left Danish airspace. 
According to Swedish news agency TT, Swedish fighter jets also responded to the Russian incursion. The Swedes also had to scramble a warplane over the Baltic Sea earlier this month after reports of foreign air activity near the island of Gotland. That incident happened just days after Swedish officials released a photo of a Russian jet flying beside a Swedish intelligence plane
The Swedes are also continuing to look for a possible Russian submarine outside of Stockholm.
The Flyvertaktisk Kommando spokeswoman told Ritzau that Denmark’s part in Tuesday’s action was “completely undramatic”. The involved Danish jets came from the Skrydstrup Air Base in southern Jutland. 
Earlier this week, military officials announced that Danish F-16s based in Kuwait dropped their first bombs in Isis targets in Iraq

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