Denmark drops its first bombs on Isis targets

Denmark drops its first bombs on Isis targets
Danish fighter jets have participated in 11 "offensive operations". Photo: Forsvarskommandoen
Danish F-16 jets have dropped their first bombs on Isis targets, military officials said on Monday.
According to a short statement from Defence Command Denmark (Forsvaret), Danish fighter jets have now taken part in 11 missions over northern Iraq. 
“The missions that Denmark has participated in have been offensive operations and the Danish jets have used bombs in connection with some of the missions,” the statement read. 
After arriving at the Ahmed Al Jaber base in Kuwait on October 5th, the Danish F-16s did not participate in their first mission until October 16th. 
Denmark has contributed a total of seven F-16s to the coalition efforts against Isis: four operational jets and three in reserve. Accompanying the jets is a crew of up to 140 people. 

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