Danes fighting against Russia in Ukraine

Danes fighting against Russia in Ukraine
Pro-Ukrainian servicemen take part in a drill near the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol on October 8th. Photo: Alexander Khudoteply/Scanpix
A small group of Danes led by a Chechen boxer have taken to Ukraine to fight against Russia and "that terrorist Putin".
At least seven Danes are fighting against pro-Russian forces in the Ukraine, according to Berlingske. 
The newspaper met with Isa Munajev, a Chechen who has lived in Denmark since 2007, in a military camp in eastern Ukraine. Munajev works as a boxing trainer at a youth club in the Zealand town of Birkerød, but has been fighting on the Ukrainians’ side for the past two months in order to stop Russian aggression. 
“If we don’t strike back, the enemy will move forward tomorrow. And then they’ll take yet another area,” he told Berlingske
“I’m asking the Danes and the Danish government to help the Ukrainian people, so they don’t become the next territory to be occupied by Russia and that terrorist Putin,” Munajev told Berlingske. 
According to Berlingske, Munajev is in charge of a battalion of 15 masked fighters. Six of those come from Denmark, and five of the six hold Danish citizenship. 
Munajev said that he and his team of fighters from Denmark will continue to fight the pro-Russian separatists. 
“They have been in war. They have participated in battles and they will continue to do so,” he said about his small team of Danish fighters.
A small group of Swedes is also said to be fighting in Ukraine, although that group is reportedly fighting alongside ultra-nationalists striving for "a white Ukraine"

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