The cost of a Danish stamp continues to rise

As the volume of mail continues to plummet, Post Danmark has turned to once again increasing the price of stamps.

The cost of a Danish stamp continues to rise
Photo: Henrik Petit/Post Danmark
From January 1st, the price of an A-class stamp will be ten kroner ($1.69), while a B stamp will cost seven kroner ($1.19), Post Danmark has announced.
Stamp prices were also increased at the outset of 2014. From the conclusion of last year to the beginning of 2015, A-class stamps will have risen from eight to ten kroner, a 25 percent increase. 
Post Danmark said that the massive decrease in mail volume is behind the pricing change. The postal service reports that there are one billion fewer letters sent today than in the year 2000. 
“We have many of the same service obligations as before but there are fewer letters with which to finance them,” spokesman Morten Nielsen wrote in a press release. 
With the price increases, sending a 50 gram letter all the way from the United States to Denmark will cost less than three kroner ($0.44) more than sending a letter from one side of Copenhagen to the other. 

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