Snoop, Forest Whitaker hawking Danish goods

Snoop, Forest Whitaker hawking Danish goods
For some reason, we doubt Snoop is particularly worried about roaming charges. Photo: tkaravou/Flickr
Hip-hop legend and the veteran actor are starring in campaigns for a Danish mobile phone company and butter.
Oscar winner Forest Whitaker is shilling for Danish butter. Hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg is selling subscriptions for Danish mobile carrier 3. What gives?
According to one branding expert, using home-grown celebrities in ads is played out, forcing companies to look to the US for more star power.
“There has been an inflation in the use of Danish celebrities, causing us to reach the saturation point,” Frederik Preisler, the head of advertising bureau Mensch, told DR. 
Despite their credentials – Whitaker has starred in over 100 films and directed five more, while Snoop Dogg has sold more than 30 million records worldwide – the use of the American celebrities hasn’t been particularly well-received. 
“None of us believe that Forest Whitaker is eating Kærgården [butter]. We don’t believe that he’s had a few tubs flown over to New York, or wherever he lives,” Preisler said. 
Politiken was more succinct in its take on the Snoop Dogg ads, both of which feature the rapper recalling one of his earliest hits by saying “Ain't nothing but a 3 thang, baby.” 
“What the hell is Snoop Dogg, a black bankrupt hardcore rapper, doing in an advertisement for telecommunications company 3’s good rates while roaming in Germany?” the paper wrote. 
Given the less than enthusiastic response, one can only hope that the Americans were paid handsomely for selling products that they had likely never heard of before the cheque arrived. 

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