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Ask Kay: Advice from Denmark

Ask Kay: Advice from Denmark
Got a question about moving to Denmark or life in Denmark? Ask Kay, an expat who has lived here for more than a decade.
Kay Xander MellishKay Xander Mellish is an American who has lived in Denmark for 14 years and answered many questions from new arrivals and people thinking of moving to Denmark. She is the author of the new book How To Live in Denmark, available on, and iTunes, and offers How To Live in Denmark events for schools, unions and corporations, as well as a free podcast
My name is David and I'm a freshman in high school. I want to study abroad in Copenhagen junior year, but I don't know how to convince my parents to let me. I want to study abroad to show them that I am responsible and can do things on my own. I also love Denmark and want to move there when I'm older.  How can I convince them?
Hi David! You can tell your parents that Denmark is a very, very safe place to study – there is almost no violent crime here.  It’s also a very healthy country, with most people riding bikes to get where they want to go, so you will probably come back from your year abroad in excellent physical condition. Educationally, Denmark is a very future-oriented place, with a lot of emphasis on science, green technology and biotechnology. Most people speak English, which means that you will be able to make friends at your school without a language barrier. If I was a parent sending a teenager abroad, I think Denmark would be a pretty good choice. 
I am an Albanian amateur boxer.  I am 17 years old, and would like to hear about the boxing business and payments in Denmark. Can you please help me with this?
I would love to help you, but I know absolutely nothing about boxing, except that Denmark seems to produce a lot of boxers. Danes have mixed feelings about these boxers: on one hand, they’re proud of them, since there aren’t all that many Danish athletes competing at the world-class levels that Mikkel Kessler and Brian Nielsen have reached; on the other hand, Danes seem to be embarrassed that these boxers are also intellectual lightweights. Brian Nielsen was thought to be so dumb that to call someone ‘a Brian’ in Denmark is still an insult.
At any rate, if you want to learn about boxing in Denmark, I suggest you contact the Danish Boxing Federation. Their site is not available in English – perhaps Brian Nielsen set it up – but there’s always Google Translate. 
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