Possible Northern Lights over Denmark

Leave the city and find an elevated dark spot if you want a chance to see a rare phenomenon in the Danish skies on Friday night.

Possible Northern Lights over Denmark
Photo: Handout/Scanpix
If the weather cooperates, and if you get away from the larger cities, you might have a chance to see the Northern Lights above Denmark on Friday night, meteorology institute DMI says. 
The opportunity comes thanks to a major solar flare emitted by the sun earlier in the week. The flare, which can be seen in the video from NASA below, produced what’s known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) now heading toward Earth. When the CME hits the earth’s atmosphere, it will create an opportunity to see the Northern Lights. 
“If we are lucky with the timing, then the Northern Lights will occur when it is nighttime for us. And if it is powerful enough, it can be witnessed down at our latitude,” DMI said in a press release. 
The chances will also depend on cloud cover, but on that note things look positive – depending on where you are.
"It looks like clouds will block out the sky over Bornholm and maybe also eastern Zealand. It will also be windier, so there will probably be less fog," DMI's Jesper Eriksen told DR.
To increase the chances of seeing the phenomenon, DMI suggests getting far away from the city, finding an elevated spot that is as dark as possible and look toward the northern horizon.
DMI stresses that “there is absolutely no guarantee for the Northern Lights”. If you want guarantees, there is a Norwegian cruise line ready to oblige

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