VIDEO: Dane catches gigantic blue marlin

It took him two hours and 45 minutes, but fisherman Thomas Eldor Petersen was able to reel in a monstrous catch off the coast of the Azores.

Danish sports fisherman Thomas Eldor Petersen caught the year's biggest Atlantic Blue Marlin last month in an epic showdown between man and fish in the waters surrounding the North Atlantic island of the Azores. 

Petersen wrestled and fought with the sea-giant for almost three hours before landing his big catch, which weighed in at an impressive 488 kilos. 

"I had no energy left at all when I was done," Petersen told Ekstra Bladet. 

He added that although he normally throws his catches back, he took this one to shore. 

"I think a nursing home or retirement center on the island ended up with it. But I sawed its bill off and took it home to get it stuffed," he said.

You can get a recap of all the action here: 

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