Danish tourist’s cigarette costs dearly in Italy

Italian authorities are cracking down on littering on the beach as one Danish woman found out the hard way. Putting her cigarette butt in the sand cost her €600.

Danish tourist's cigarette costs dearly in Italy
Photo: Colourbox
Now that is one expensive smoke.
A Danish tourist was fined €600 (4,475 kroner) for putting out her cigarette on the beach along Sardinia's pristine coastline, The Local Italy reported
The Danish woman was caught in the act by a local policeman as she stubbed out the cigarette on a beach in Alghero, north-western Sardinia. 
The tourist reportedly protested, saying she would throw the cigarette away later, however she later admitted the crime and apologized, according to Italian news source Rai News.
During the month of August, Italian authorities have increased their checks on the town’s beaches with others also facing penalties for littering. 
Cigarette butts are considered the worst pollutants as they take around 200 years to decompose, according to Rai News.
While the fine may have added an unexpected cost to the woman's Italian vacation, she's got nothing on the Danish man who recently spent nearly 30,000 kroner on a spur-of-the-moment taxi ride from Denmark to Rome

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