Danish man busted for drugs in Nepal

Local media in Nepal reported that a Danish man was arrested in possession of hashish and LSD. The Danish Foreign Ministry has confirmed the arrest and said it is offering consular services.

Danish man busted for drugs in Nepal
Photo: Dhilung Kirat/Flickr

A Danish man was arrested in Nepal for possession of 1.6kg of hashish, the Himalayan Times reported on Tuesday. 

According to the Nepalese news source, the man was about to board a Qatar Air flight to Doha from Tribhuwan International Airport on Friday when Nepal Police stopped him at a security check. 
Police found the drugs in a secret compartment in a pair of shoes in the Danish man’s luggage. Police also discovered a small amount of LSD in his carry-on bag. 
The Foreign Ministry confirmed the arrest to Berlingske Nyhedsbureau.
“The Foreign Ministry can confirm that a Danish citizen was arrested in Nepal on August 1st. Our embassy is offering consular assistance and the arrestee is receiving legal counsel from his lawyer,” a ministry official said. 
The Himalayan Times reports that the police investigation is still underway.
Earlier this summer, a 56-year-old Danish man was arrested with 1.48kg of crystal meth in Indonesia. Under that country’s strict drug laws, he could possibly face the death penalty

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Police in Denmark fine 123 for buying drugs on social media

Police in North Jutland are to issue fines against 123 people for 158 instances of purchasing cannabis or cocaine on a social media website.

Police in Denmark fine 123 for buying drugs on social media
Unrelated stock image. GaudiLab/Depositphotos

The 123 people are accused of buying narcotics, police inspector Casper Jacobsen confirmed.

The majority of the individuals are from the Aalborg area, Jacobsen also said.

“Hash and cocaine are the two main substances purchased on the (social media) page. There are more infringements than people arrested because, for example, one person bought narcotics six times,” he said.

Three men from North Jutland, aged 20 and 21, were arrested in March this year for running the social media page, which displayed a telephone number via which drugs could be ordered.

Using the information, buyers and sellers were able to arrange times and places for delivery of and payment for the substances.

“The three men we arrested in March, and who we believe to have run the webpage, posted a telephone number and offered hash and cocaine for certain prices. A driver then went out and delivered it,” Jacobsen said.

“The three men were released but remain accused in the case. The case has been referred to the prosecution authority, which will assess whether formal charges will be made against the three persons who are accused of selling drugs and running this webpage,” he continued.

The group of 123 ranges in age from 18 to 51 years and includes both men and women and will receive fines of between 2,000 and 12,000 kroner, depending on the quantity and number of purchases.

Police declined to confirm which social media site had been used, but said it was a freely available social media.

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