Vesterbro tops Nørrebro in the hipster war

A new ranking of the ten most hipster neighbourhoods in the world puts Vesterbro near the top, but take heart Nørrebro - you made it on another recent list.

Vesterbro tops Nørrebro in the hipster war
Dreads, beards and a longboard in one shot. Top that, Nørrebro. Photo: Jacob Ehrbahn/Polfoto
To the surprise of absolutely no one who has spent time there, Copenhagen’s Vesterbo district was named one of the top ten hipster neighbourhoods in the world. 
The US-based site Thrillist placed Vesterbro at number four in its hipster ranking, which we can only imagine was itself made by hipsters. 
“Formerly known for its sex industry, as well as the large number of butchers who worked there (no connection), Vesterbro's become a beacon of trendiness in an already hip town. It's even home to the smallest coffee shop (and hotel) in the city,” Thrillist writes. 
“If that wasn't enough, consider this: we've already established that Copenhagen's one of the world's most bike-friendly cities, and if there's one thing that hipsters love, it's bicycles. That, and Fjällräven backpacks,” it continues. 
The new ranking is sure to ratchet up the ongoing hipster war between Vesterbro and Nørrebro, which didn’t make this list but was number nine on Skyscanner’s list of the top 20 most hipster neighbourhoods in the world back in April. 
In Thrillist’s estimation, only Williamsburg, New York, Florentin in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam-Noord were better neighbourhoods for fixie-riding, scraggly-bearded hipsters. Because it’s always worth a reminder that Copenhagen is cooler than Stockholm, we of course feel the need to point out that the Swedish hipster mecca of Södermalm was two spots behind Vesterbro. We’ll just ignore the fact that it was four spots higher than Nørrebro in Skyscanner’s list. What do they know anyway?
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