Most Copenhagen thefts go uninvestigated

A rule of thumb says that only thefts with a value of more than 100,000 kroner get investigated by Copenhagen Police. In 2013, 95 percent of all reported thefts were merely noted down in a journal.

Most Copenhagen thefts go uninvestigated
Photo: Jens Dresling/POLFOTO
Thieves in Copenhagen can commit their crimes with impunity as long as they don’t steal big-ticket items.
An internal summary from Copenhagen Police obtained by BT revealed that police only investigate thefts when the value of the stolen goods exceeds 100,000 kroner ($18,165). 
If the stolen items are below that amount, the police simply register the theft and do nothing more.  
The internal document showed that just five percent of the 48,521 reports of theft, break-ins and vandalism in 2013 were investigated. 
Claus Oxfeldt, the chairman of the Danish Police Union (Politiforbundet), said that police lack the resources to investigate all crimes. 
“I am shocked and feel compelled to make a cry for help, because this is an enormous problem for residents’ rights,” Oxfeldt told BT. “If police aren’t prioritising investigations because of a lack of resources, then far too many criminals are escaping punishment. My members are finding it hard to look residents in the eye.”
Jan Bjørn, a Copenhagen Police spokesman, confirmed that there is a “rule of thumb” in his precinct that thefts should amount to over 100,000 kroner before investigators get involved. 
“Clearly if there were more resources in that area, we would be able to solve more cases,” Bjørn told BT. “Everything we do is dictated by resources.”
Oxfeldt said that the police risk losing the respect and trust of the people.
“When Danes report a break-in, police should have the resources to investigate but that’s just not the way it is in reality,” he said. “We can see that the sale of burglary alarms is booming. Why? It’s because people do not have faith that the police will come if they call them.”

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Danish police go for walk with sleeping children in prams after kindergarten evacuation

Copenhagen Police have released a photo showing officers taking sleeping children for a walk in their prams after their kindergarten was evacuated due to a suspected gas leak.

Danish police go for walk with sleeping children in prams after kindergarten evacuation

Police in Copenhagen followed a parents’ golden rule on Tuesday when they took care not to wake sleeping children after evacuating their kindergarten.

The police and fire services in Copenhagen evacuated an integrated school, kindergarten and creche in the Frederiksberg district after a strong gas smell was detected in the vicinity.

At the time of the evacuation, some of the little ones from the creche (vuggestue) were taking their afternoon naps, resulting in an unusual task for law enforcement.

Several officers took sleeping children for a walk in their prams, police said on Twitter and posted a photo of the “pram patrol”.

Students from the school also accompanied officers on the walk to the nearby Frederiksberg Center shopping mall, according to the police tweet.

“Nobody was hurt but because this might nevertheless be a dramatic experience, our local police and Copenhagen Fire Department will this week visit both the school and kindergarten to follow up and talk to the children again,” police said in a second tweet.

The source of the leak was found to be a cable which was subsequently dug up to stop the leakage, broadcaster DR earlier reported.