Denmark has its hottest day of the year

Temperatures topped 30C on Wednesday, reaching a new high for 2014. But will it hold for the weekend?

Denmark has its hottest day of the year
Islands Brygge. Photo: Linda Kastrup/Scanpix
Temperatures peaked just above 30C in parts of the country on Wednesday, marking Denmark’s hottest day of the year to date.
The Danish Meteorology Institute reports that Aalborg, Vestervig and Flakkebjerg all reported highs of 30.1C at around 2.30pm on Wednesday. 
“It’s a beautiful summer day in which the temperature in several spots of the country was around 28 degrees, and over 30 degrees in some places,” DMI’s Thyge Rasmussen told Danmarks Radio. “So it is the hottest summer day we have had this year.”
Rasmussen advised those looking to cool off from the heat to head out for a dip.
“We measure water temperatures in the harbours, where the water is generally a bit cooler than at the beaches, and in many spots we measured between 20 and 21 degrees,” he told DR. “So it should be good for hopping in, even if you aren’t a Viking.”
DMI’s forecast for the rest of the week calls for sunny skies and high temperatures through Friday before cooling off a bit as we enter the weekend.  

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