VIDEO: Danish bodypaint stunt heats up the net

VIDEO: Danish bodypaint stunt heats up the net
You don't see this everyday in Frederiksberg. Screenshot: Eyeworks/YouTube
A semi-naked woman's nonchalant stroll through one of Copenhagen's poshest neighbourhoods turned a lot of heads in the streets and is now quickly going viral. Watch the video here to see what the buzz is all about.
A casting call for a “new and untraditional” Danish dating programme recently created quite a scene on the streets of Frederiksberg and is now quickly becoming a viral sensation worldwide.
In promotion for the upcoming programme ‘Fair Date’, TV3 sent a Danish model covered from the waist up in nothing but black body paint on an afternoon stroll, leaving many bulging eyes in her wake (the guy's reaction at 0:32 is priceless). 
The woman then sits down at a crowded trendy cafe and begins to wipe off part of the body paint much to the bemusement of those around her. 
The whole thing is a stunt for Fair Date, which is seeking “brave and love-seeking singles” to participate in its new dating programme. Although they weren't overly forthcoming with details, the producers behind the show, Eyeworks Denmark, promise “the love adventure of your life” for anyone willing to sign up. 
Eyeworks also produced the casting video, and with YouTube views increasing by the minute, they are sure to be getting an influx of interested inquiries. Although judging by the reaction of the men in the video, many of those inquiries might just be asking for the viral video star’s phone number. 
Last month, a similar video in France, which featured a woman wearing bodypaint from the waist down, became a viral smash with over a million hits in a matter of days.
See the new Danish viral video for yourself: 

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