‘The weather gods are with us’: Roskilde fan

Everyone wants to know what the weather will be like during this year's Roskilde Festival. It's off to a warm and sunny start and according to the forecast, it's likely to stay that way.

'The weather gods are with us': Roskilde fan
The gate opening on Sunday led to a mad rush to secure the best tent sites. Photo: Jonas Skovbjerg Fogh / Scanpix
With the tents pitched, the parking lots quickly filling up, and the remaining tickets going fast, the 2014 Roskilde Festival is officially underway. 
Next to which acts they’re most excited to see, the next most popular topic of conversation at Roskilde is the weather. Namely, will it rain?
This year’s incarnation is off to a warm and sunny start, and according to meteorology institute DMI, it’s likely to stay that way throughout the week.
Contradicting early forecasts that called for Roskilde to be hammered by rain, DMI now says that festival goers can expect mostly sunny skies and temperatures around 25 degrees. 
That news was greeted warmly (terrible pun intended) by those already at the campgrounds. 
“It’s pretty windy today but just look at the sun!” camper Michelle Revas told The Local from the West campgrounds. “I think’s it’s going to be a great festival and the weather gods are with us.”
Earlier forecasts called for bucket loads of rain, prompting fears of a repeat of the infamously wet year of 2007, but instead it looks like the 2014 Roskilde Festival may go down as one of the better weather years. That is, of course, unless the weather forecasters are wrong. But that never happens, does it?
The 2014 Roskilde Festival will be headlined by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Outkast, Major Lazer and Drake. In all, 166 artists from 30 countries will perform. 
Over the next three days, up and coming artists will be performing on the Apollo Countdown and Rising stages before the main programme begins on Thursday.   

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200 forgotten phones found after Roskilde Festival

The clean-up operation after the Roskilde music festival resulted in 200 cell phones being recovered.

200 forgotten phones found after Roskilde Festival
File photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

Festival guests who are no longer nursing hangovers, but still missing car keys, mobile phones or wristwatches can check whether their items are now in the storage room at Roskilde Police Station.

A van-full of lost property from the festival has now been delivered to police in the city, with around 200 mobile phones as well as jewellery, power banks and up to 50 bunches of keys.

“We hope that many festivalgoers will contact us regarding their lost items so we can return them as quickly as possible,” Central and West Zealand Police communications officer Camilla Schouw Broholm wrote in a press statement.

Due to the time taken to register all of the items, police recommend that people looking for belongings initially contact them by email.

It is a good idea to include specifications and descriptions of the lost items in the email, as well as a photo if possible, police said.

Lost keys and spectacles are an exception to this, with police advising festivalgoers to call in at the station so that lost property can be examined in person.

Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen / Ritzau Scanpix

It could take up to three months for all the lost objects to be sorted and registered.

“We also have a lot of lost items with names on, so with these it’s easier to find the owner. Once these are have been registered, the owner will receive a message in their (secure digital email system) e-boks,” Broholm said to Ritzau.

“That also applies to telephones with IMEI numbers,” she added.

Up to 130,000 people attended last week’s Roskilde Festival, making the event temporarily Denmark’s fourth-largest city.

The festival generates over 2,000 tonnes of waste.

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